Price list

Drawing pencil A4
Drawing Colour A4
A4 Aquarel
Oil paint 40 x 30 cm
A4 Pastel
A3 Pastel
Acrylic 40 x 30 cm
Oil paint 50 x 60 cm
Acrylic 50 x 60 cm
Oil paint 100 x 100 cm
Oil paint 150 x 150 cm
€ 200
€ 300
€ 300
€ 600
€ 375
€ 475
€ 500
€ 750
€ 650
€ 1000
€ 1500


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  1. Good Resume, I congratulate you on that page and I realize how much I've progressed. congratulations, a hug

  2. Michel,

    I was surprised when I read the article in the Sunday newspaper, and did not know that you have this talent. I love it. I'm after our high school years a few times in Africa, Asia and South America have been. South, safari and wildlife speaks to me still very. We have twenty years a number of screen prints hang from Zimbabwe, Martina and recently indicated that there we had to find something new for once. Last year we went away on holiday to Sri Lanka, a stunning country full of culture, but also a bit of a safari in Africa. Indian elephants or less, africa but the feeling was returned for a moment.

    I'll definitely look at the garden from Rommel to work, and would like to speak to each other again, and then maybe we can grab a beer sometime.
    And maybe you can do something for our painting ?

    Bert van Wijk

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